Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Post #0258 - February Trip & Tips : Port Dickson

Dear Earthlings,

We went to Port Dickson last weekend. Thought of going for a day trip, but later decided to spend a night there. Since this is the first time ever we brought the maid for a trip (she has been working with us for 3 months already), we decided to stay in an apartment (with 2 or 3 rooms).

Not familiar with PD accomodation except for Thistle and Avillion, we stopped at AnCasa, located near the public beach (less than 5 minutes driving distance). We also enquired Klana Beach Resort PD, but was fully booked.

The place consist of 3 blocks altogether. Ours was on the second block (the lobby block). For two rooms, the price quoted RM400++, while three rooms RM500++ (or was it near to RM500. Can't remember).

Our unit located at the seventh floor, facing the garden and side sea? Something like that lah. Not really nice though.

We opted for 3 bedrooms (1 queen sized bed and 2 rooms for twin bed)

The facilities, I'd say not bad. 
They have tennis court, swimming pool and they also cater for events (wedding, reunion etc).

But the bathroom. 
It was disaster! (and yucky)

on the very next morning, we took a 10 minutes drive to the Blue Lagoon, PD. According to the local, this is the best public beach they have in PD. Quite wide beach compared to the one near Klana & Ancasa beach.

Frankly speaking I'm not so keen looking at the color of their sand.

Despite the color, the sands are actually quite soft.

Forget the color. As long as the kids can play sand.

But, more pebbles instead of sand near the water.

Behind this beach located Permaisuri Resort. 

Looked around the area and enquire the price. 
The rate is a little higher than AnCasa, but very close to the beach.

If we happen to be in PD next time, we may opt for this apartment. 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Post #0257 - Guilty as charged

Dear Earthlings, 

I kid you not when I say "it is an impulsive buy".
I have to admit that I do have fickle minded. However, I thankful that my fickle minded is absent on anything about my marriage (*pat on the back*)

I went twice to the studio to pick a clutch. 

The first time, I picked this one. 
A ready made clutch.

Few hours later, I canceled my order.  

Ironically, I return to the studio on the following week.
Picked the songket and leather color.
Paid the deposit. 
A week later, something got into my mind saying that I DO NOT NEED a clutch.
What more with the price, it is definitely gonna be a waste of money.

Too late to cancel..
5 days later I received the package. 

And the unforgettable price is, 
RM1350-00 for a clutch made by one talented local designer. 

I shall cease myself from buying anything. I repeat, no more shopping for me until end of the year. 
I still cannot digest how the heck I fall for this one. 

Other people could have this chunk of money as their monthly salary and pay off their debt etc. And I? Lavishly spend for a clutch, which I think it is not right (?)

To tell you the truth, the clutch is still in its dust bag and I do not dare to open it.
Too much and too expensive. I feel like I do not deserve it. 
Feel so guilty spending that much.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Post #0256 - October Trip & Tips : Singapore

Dear Earthlings,

We went to Singapore last October and I'm not going to list down what we did, but more on the hotel as we stayed at Marriott near Orchard.

Located next to the Tangs Orchard Road & Orchard MRT, everything is walking distance. Love the room interior & service.

The room -

The light through the mirror illuminates bright and clear lighting.

What impresses me the most was this corner dressing table. Who would have thought it is nice to have one in the bathroom itself? very practical indeed. What more with the lighting and all. Yes, provided you have one large bathroom.

Views in Singapore at night - The light show starts at 8pm.


Evening turndown service.
Really make our kids' day when we got back to the Hotel.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Post #0255 - Islamic Education in Children. Is it crucial?

Dear Earthlings, 

I am not sure whether it's a trend to send kids to Islamic School nowadays.

Anyhow, I have been sending the Youngsters to this one Islamic School in KL for almost 3 years. That time my baby girl was about 2.5 years old and the other, 2 months old. I think we were quite lucky because it didn't take us long under the waiting list.

Being a possessive mother (ehemm, I'm not the only one), I noticed there were hiccups here and there. But as soon as  I  dealt with the trust issues (or was it pasrah?), I realised that they are doing the best that they can. This is the place where they teach my children how to be independent, potty trained (Youngster #2 currently under potty train), pray  and also take care of them. 

Previously I was so stressed up with the demam/batuk/hfmd/pneumonia secara berjemaah  at the School, because at the end of the day we definitely spending at least 5 days 4 nights at the Hospital (circa 2011. It was one tough year for us). For instance, Youngster #2 was diagnosed with pneumonia twice in 2011. Last year with hfmd. But alhamdulillah, his health now is improving.

Since Youngster #1 is good in Hafazan, her previous class teacher suggested for Q.uranic  De.velopment Program which is a special class concentrating more on Hafazan, Quran reading. 

Yes, I am proud that she is in that class. 
When you see the kids reciting Quran, masya Allah. My jaw dropped. Literally. 
Surah-surah panjang, it's like kacang goreng je. Piece of pie, orang putih kata.  

However, I am a bit worried about her English/BM reading. I believe Math is not a problem. Please don't get me wrong. I have nothing against reciting and everything. Just that I'm afraid that she couldn't cope with other subjects when she is in standard 1.

That's why I try my very best to do revision with her every weekend. Sometimes, tak buat sebab lupa!  
Bought the revision books from the School bookshop, where other classes of her batch also use it.  Other subjects are not a worry to me, except for reading! Simply because I do not know how to teach a kid to read! 
Haih. Macam mana nak buat ni.

Iklan : 
Back to school gifts from GadgetGeek office. Simple token of appreciation yang buat orang happy masih belum digunapakai.

GadgetGeek says that I should not be worried as Quran is the light of heart. Everything will fall into places when you have Quran to guide you. 

Nak harapkan diri sendiri untuk ajar anak baca Quran pon... ehemmm.. paham-paham je lah.   

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Post #0254 - Month Two, February

Dear Earthlings, 

I know! I know!
I've been lacking in updating the Hong Kong Trip. Will do so when I have time to upload the pictures. 

Life been busy.. or was I too tired to do anything?
Anyways, my kitchen cabinet is still not done yet. It's more like, 80% complete. The countertop should be installed today, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to call it off and the installation can only be done after Chinese New Year Holiday, meaning.. near end of the month!

On the other side, 
I had a neck pain since last week. I woke up one morning and bammm! it hurts like err.. *skip the word*. 
Went to see the Spine Orthopedic and it's confirmed that I'm under the slipped disc group. Definitely  not something  that I expect though. 
Apparently, it's inter-connected with the numbness of my left hand which I suffer since last year. So now, I'm attending the physiotherapy for a month, and if the therapy doesn't work, a key hold surgery is next on the list, which takmo laa kan.

How la to get preggie next month? hmm.. It means, this is the second year I'm postponing my pregnancy.

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