Friday, March 30, 2012

Post #0189 - LITRAK should be more responsible

Dear Earthlings, 

First of all, I am grateful because nobody's hurt. 
Hit a white barricade which was placed at the middle of the road near Penchala tol (heading towards Kepong) this morning. I wonder where was the LITRAK maintenance men? They should have done morning check on the road safety despite the weather (it was raining). 
And WHITE color should be banned! It does not representing caution alert.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Post #0188 - Nutty

Dear Earthlings,

On one peaceful night, I was comparing my skintone with my partner. 

Me : Mm.. tan sungguh i
GadgetGeek : Like a walnut.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Post #0187 - Twin Towers @ Live 2012

Dear Earthlings, 

It has been ages since our last night out. It didn't take me long when GadgetGeek asked me whether to go or not to the concert. Held at KLCC, we reached in a jiff because the traffic was super smooth! 
Hello, it's Friday night! and 8 hours earlier the traffic was mad!

The concert was held in front of KLCC with huge screens surrounding the areas. 

This was my first concert for year 2012. Planning to catch a concert in May, but takde yang menariks. So kena KIV dulu.
When we arrived at the restaurant, Girls Generation was about to perform. I have never heard anything about them, but one thing for sure.. the crowd went crazy! K-Pop fever. It's said that the group touched down KLIA at 6pm and catch their next flight midnight.

Yes, the best place to watch a concert is at the front row mosh pit. But we decided to go for seating because I can't stand the smell and sweats!

The most awaiting - Nicole Scherzinger!

Previously, Kylie M. was supposed to perform. However, there was last minute change and Nicole was in the picture. 
Her performance was superb! despite the short notice. 

Even sweeter, she sang (I think) close to 10 songs (or was it more?) including Buttons, Don't Cha, When I grow up, I hate this part and her new tracks. Leaving you with Stick With You snip.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post #0186 - Aidijuma

Dear Earthlings, 

I went to AidiJuma Kiosk in the Curve recently just to have a look what it is all about. Didn't plan to make any purchase, but failed to do so because of the price! 
One tone tudung is selling for RM7 and two tones for RM15. While Polka Dot is selling for RM33.

So this week I've been wearing the newly purchased tudung, just to get the jive of it.

Tuesday - Incidently wore terbalik. Miss Shop-A-Lot commented me that morning saying  my tudung was so ugly. UGLY. UGLY. UGLY. 
Been wearing it the whole day until I only realised at 7pm.

Supposed to wear it this way -

The following day - two tone Blue. 

When it comes to end product, I believe this brand should do better.
I shouldn't start commenting, else I better do my own line of clothing! which I think, I will!

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