Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post #0183 - Blackmailing is so yesterday!

Dear Earthlings,

One thing that I never think about having kids - You gotta have a LOT of patience! Which is so unlikely of me!

Anyways, the Youngsters love making mess (who doesnt?). No matter how constant we ask them to clean up, they will continue to dig toys out of chest. Few nights ago I had this conversation with Youngster #1 which I realised, blackmailing doesn't work anymore.

Me : Clean up your toys, or mommy will throw in the bin. (It always works!)
Youngster #1 : (First she negotiated - "Please mommy, I'm tired. Mommy help please" )
(NO was the answer and continued asking her to clean up else latter).
Then her next line was - "Please mommy... Throw in the bin.. Please..."

Surprised with her answer, I saw my 3.5 year old child was reverse phychologing me. Just like her daddy. Pfft.
I went to the kitchen and passed her the garbage bag (still asking her whether she is sure about this, ironically she said "yes - I don't want to play anymore")

She managed to clean up the toys - instead in toy chest, she kept it in the garbage bag. When I sorted the bags, I realised.. she threw (all) Youngster #2 toys (not hers!). hampeh!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Post #0182 - Cloud

Dear Earthlings, 

Every day I drive more than 80km to and fro (Damansara - Ulu Kelang - Jalan Pahang - Ulu Kelang - Damansara). Been doing that for more than a year already. Have to drop off the kids to school first (The School is about 25 km away) and another 15km to my work place. Since our route is against the traffic, I think I have no problem with that except that I have to face 40-60 minutes Setapak traffic madness. If I'm lucky, I can reach my office in half an hour after I send the kids.

Anyhow, I love looking at the clouds.. especially the morning clouds. It may sound a bit koo-koo but.. each time when I'm approaching the Sri Gombak exit from Batu Caves (picture above) I can't help myself describing "what if that cloud is a huge waves going to hit us?" "how am I going to save myself?" 

Almost every morning you can see this view.
I call it.. morning physcho. 

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post #0181 - Denai Alam Recreation and Riding Centre (DARC)

Dear Earthlings,

Recently, we asked Youngster #1 -
"Do you want to ride a horse?"
Youngter #1 : Yes. I want pink horse. 

We believe this was on her mind -

Not realising that she was going to ride a REAL one!

a bit nervous..

I think it cost us RM5 for 3 rounds?

Youngster #2

Done with the horse riding, we went for Archery together with BIL I and family.

GadgetGeek and BIL I wifey

So have you been to DARC
Located at Denai Alam, it's a recreational place suitable for family and friends. Got to know this place from BIL I. They do have family package, but we didn't enroll it. Suffice with pay upon visit.

Operating hours

Around the area - 


Happy with the place, we went there again!

Like a pro already :)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post #0180 - Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Penang

Dear Earthlings,

We went to Penang last month for GadgetGeek's company 2012 Family Day. 


Planned to depart before 10am so we could reach Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang by lunch. Surprisingly (not!) we only departed close to noon.
Anyhow.. what is Penang without ferry ride, isn't it?

First time to park at the upper deck

Weather : Super windy!

Reached Feringgi three hours later (admiring the beach facing houses)

Dinner was served near the beach whereby they placed 3 coloured baloons as a centrepiece. It was a free seating, but the trick was.. the guests shirts have to be matched with the coloured balloons.



Anyhow, last year they had the Family Day in Thistle, Port Dickson and we got wii for lucky draw. Ironically, until today we still didn't open the box yet.  I believe by the time we unwrap the box, wii will be already outdated.

This time, we (only) received the board game. Not from lucky draw.. but a complimentary gift for Youngster #1 because she joined catwalk contest for kids. lol. 


Weather : Blinkingly hot.

Right after breakfast, I took the kids to the Adventure Zone because GadgetGeek had to go for his team building etc. (Food spread - Breakfast, Lunch was so-so. Nothing to shout about. It was just like any other hotel)  

Didn't go for swimming although we did bring the swimsuits. The Youngsters were down with flu. 

The Committee organised the dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel where all of us traveled by bus. If I'm not mistaken, the theme was Rock and Roll(?). To be inline with the theme, the Committee distributed accessories, wigs, sunglasses inside the bus.

Love the live band! Superb

The Committee did a good job when they involved ALL staffs for performance. Basically, they were divided into groups according to the position. Had to dance based on given songs (ie : Thriller, Party Rock Anthem etc). Top 5 will be on stage and the winner gets the prize.

Really enjoyed the live band, but the food was errr.. I wouldn't say terrible.. but it was not good.

Adventure Zone again(!) after breakfast. 

Just because we want them to sleep all the way.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Post #0179 - Birthday Splash

Dear Earthlings, 

My nephew (and Lil Sis II) had a birthday splash two weeks ago at my parent's place. The default birthday ideas was by Lil Sis I.

Birthday Cake
Candy Corner - Old Skool Style

This small and intimate party started with the arrival of guests at 3.
We.. err... we came just before that. And of course, by the time we arrived.. all the decoration was already beautifully done. (Bukan tak nak tolong prepare, but we were tied up with the Youngsters)

Most of the parents dropped off their kids and boys being boys, they don't waste much time. Splish Splash it is.

Then the cake cutting -

As usual.. game time! Hosted by Lil Sis I & II and BigSis.

Done with games, the kids headed back to the pool. Oh, a birthday party is not complete without a drama. There was a kid who threw his tantrum (for almost an hour) because he wanted to join splashing but didn't know how to swim yet refused to put on float. Fyi, the pool is 1.2m and the deepest I think it's about 2m.

Before the guests leave, they are free to pick one gift. 

And of course, Lil Sis I with Che Abe.
First they posed like this -

Then I requested for another pose. They gave me this - 

Even sweeter isn't it? 
Hahaha.. coincidently, when my dad passed by this couple (with this pose).. with his errr.. malas nak layan look, he said.. "huk aloh laa" (in Kelate' slang) was priceless.

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