Monday, January 30, 2012

Post #0172 - Wake Up Call : Part II

Dear Earthlings, 

I'm on the fifth day medication. The chest pain is still there as well as the left hand. 
I went to reflexology last Saturday, trying out alternative medicine (and also because I was having back pain) but it doesn't make any difference. 

The whole morning spent in googling, and I discovered this -

Symptom and sign
Angina pectoris derives from Latin and translates as 'tight chest'. It feels like an oppressive, heavy, crushing pain or a constricting feeling in the centre of the chest behind the breast bone (sternum) or on the left side of the front of the chest. The pain can radiate out to either one or both arms, more often the left. It can be experienced in the throat, jaw, the stomach and, more rarely, between the shoulder blades.

Angina is pain or discomfort, most often in the chest, that happens when some region of the heart does not receive enough oxygen from the blood. It is usually a symptom of coronary artery disease, which occurs when the vessels that carry blood to the heart become narrowed and blocked due to atherosclerosis. Angina can feel like a squeezing pain, pressure, or tightness usually in the chest under the breastbone, but sometimes in the shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back. Angina is most commonly felt after physical exertion. It is also triggered by stress, extreme cold or heat, heavy meals, alcohol, and cigarette smoking.

The description of pain is exactly what I'm experiencing. 
And of course, I feel sad each time I think if I was meant to die young.
Tomorrow is my next appoinment with Dr. D. According to him, if the pain didn't subside, he will run another test, which I really hope I will not get this kind of diagnose. 

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Post #0171 - Wake up call

Dear Earthlings, 

Yesterday we went to see a doctor and got 3 days of mc. Happy? Not really, because we went to see a Cardiologist!
Two nights ago, I had a severe chest and left hand pain (but told my body to hold on until the next morning). Feel like I'm going to die in my sleep (*such a drama*). I think the "over work out" in Bukit Tinggi must have triggered it. Actually I started to feel the pain when I was pregnant with Youngster #1. But since the pain was come and go kinda thing, so it must be "angin" - air passing through my blood vessel. Yes? No? Ehehe, is there such thing?

To be on the safe side, we went to see a Cardiologist in Daman.sara Specialist Hospital. Many was still on Chinese New Year leave, so there were only two doctors available and I chose Dr. D. It's not a nice feeling realising that you were the only the young one in the clinic. They were like - "Are you lost?" or "kesian.."

Actually I feel a bit awkward when GadgetGeek decided to accompany me to the hospital. He cancelled all his meetings (except the 4pm meeting) and want to be there for me (Aw-shucks!). The weird feeling came in because I couldn't remember when was the last time he followed me for check-ups. During my first pregnancy, he never miss any of the appointments. Entering second pregnancy, he only went for two final check-ups. Ie - discussion on date of delivery and the day where he had to sign all the consent form etc. Since then, (I think) he never follow me to the hospital for my checkups except that he always be there when our kids are sick. Ok lah tu kan. Takan nak kena amik cuti sebab meneman je manjang.

Since I joined the BlueCompany, I become more alert with health (I skipped the exercise part) plus encountered so many sakit. Even my boss thinks I'm having mental health - "Hypochondriacs
  • (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health anxiety) refers to excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness.
  • become unduly alarmed about any physical symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be. They are convinced that they have or are about to have a serious illness.
I'm not sure whether she was joking or just being sarcastic. Hahaha. No hard feeling.
I went to CPR Courses twice last year and I remember that we have to do check up if you feel chest pain/tight chest. It might relate to your heart. 
They also told that if you have "tinggling/pain" especially on left hand, it is also a sign. 
Though I feel the left hand pain, I just ignore it because I'm left handed. Maybe lenguh or something?

Anyhow, registered around 10.30am and managed to see the doctor 2 hours later (it was full house). Explained to the doctor my medical and family history as well as what medication I am on. (Weighed 44.9kg - doesn't mean healthy) He did the preliminary check and asked me to go for blood test, urine test, ECG, stress test and x-ray.   


Getting ready for Stress Test

Many people don't know that Stress Test is for Cardio test. Not when you stress about your job and you want to do Stress Test. Anyways, there are four level in the said test whereby you have to walk/run on treadmill. When one level almost end, a nurse will mention that you have 30 seconds left and countdown for the next level where she will increase the speed. The cardiologist will also be there monitoring and explaining. This test runs for 10 minutes. 

First level was walking stage. Next it was brisk walking. Then running.
I didn't managed to reach the fourth level as I was running out of breath in completing the third one. Tak larat since level two. 

All tests came up normal (Alhamdulillah) except that HDL Cholesterol level is low. I believe it means lack of exercise (It confirms walking in the mall doesn't work!). But most importantly, the heart is normal. The pain might be because of the muscle/bone swelling near the heart area. The cause might be because of the body posture/lifting heavy things. 

We were done around 2.30pm and out with Celebrex 200mg for 5 days. Follow up next week. If the pain didn't subside, then need to do some other test. (Perhaps I should try alternative medicines. Mana lah tau kot kot ada orang dengki?)

Ok, have to start the ball rolling this weekend!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post #0170 - Phycho this. Physcho that. I need my ubat.

Dear Earthlings, 

I always take things lightly. Like, seriously.
For instance, getting pregnant and the delivery. 
I always think that getting pregnant and giving birth is one easy thing.
Literally easy. We did it one shot, and there you are. The test was positive.  Everything was well-planned.
In my two pregnancies & deliveries, I never feel any contraction. So I don't know how painful it is. 

I remember, a week before Youngster #1 due (week 39), though there was no pain/contraction but the doctor suggested to induce. I went back and told my mom that I wanted to induce the delivery (where at that point of time I have no idea what is inducement is all about). As expected, my mom lectured me. She told me it is not that easy to give birth. bla..bla..bla.. She briefed me the procedure etc. (ooo.. sakit eh?)

Anyhow, 3 days before the delivery we did the istiqarah and received the signs to go for Caesarean. It was definitely one of the best decisions we made because the doctor also admit that we did the right thing. With cord around the neck (2 rounds) there is no way the baby could survive normal delivery. The cord was tight and the doctor had to release the cord inside my tummy prior lifting the baby. Talking about experience in labour room operation theatre. Eheh.

The funny part was, before I was wheeled to the OT, I told the rest of the family - "Jumpa lagi lepas ni". Huh. Apa punya statement. 

Beautiful shot by GadgetGeek

For Youngster #2 delivery, I had one smooth pregnancy. There was not even a day of morning sickness, unlike the first one. I totally forgot about the post delivery pain, which I can only recall on the morning itself. (girls can be bimbs at times)

I can only recall the pain when I saw the bed - 2 hours before operation. pffft.

As I mentioned before, I planned for the third pregnancy when Youngster #2 reaches 18 months old (which is next month). But since I want the date of birth to be on public holiday December 2012/January 2013, I must get pregnant in March.(Physcho isn't it? Who cares)

I went to see my gynae last month. His advise was okay for me to proceed, but there are risks. Better to wait. Something like that lah. We did a little discussion and GadgetGeek prefer to differ the pregnancy to some other year. To me, I just want to get it done and over with. So I agreed to postpone, until last night this topic came up again. 

We were talking about having year end trip and he said, "boleh, provided you tak pregnant". Err.. what's that supposed to mean? Is it, ok to be pregnant? Yes? No? I don't know. Maybe I should flip coin.

See, I don't really think beyond the pregnancy. Not even considering about the risks. Never think the possibilities of postpartum bleeding which can end lives. Or even the gynae's warnings. Bottom line, I just want another kid this year.  

Anyways, now leaving you with the story of what I always dream during my pregnancies. Do you believe that you might get what you want when you are pregnant? Well, I do!

1) I always want my daughter to have straight + curly wurly hair. And Almighty gave her - 

2) I love boys who have curly hair. I find they are too cute!

One of my favourite - My cousin's son. 


Yoshy's mommy

And AlMighty gave Youngster #2 -

Ok fine. I'm exaggerating. GadgetGeek has a bit of curly hair, same goes with my dad. So it explains the curly wurly of Youngster #2 :D

Having life with two of them are just perfect.

I have to learn how to be grateful.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Post #0169 - Bukit Tinggi Trip

Dear Earthlings, 

Bro-in-Law I and his family stayed over at our place because we promised the Youngsters to go to the Rabbit Park, Bukit Tinggi. The weather was humid and there were so many people (it was on the First Day of Chinese New Year). (Btw sangat menyampah pada Bukit Tinggi Traffic Controller. Tak boleh nak ada power sikit)

Had our lunch at Colmar Tropicale. Food and service not so good; ironically the bill came with the total around RM150.
Youngster #1 begged us to buy her bubble gun but we sticked to our decision not getting her one (proud of it) because she misbehaved during lunch.  Spoil too much already.

Regardless, I know I'm in trouble when I was struggling to climb up the hill heading to the Japanese Garden from parking lot. (Actually, climbing to second floor also a problem to me) GadgetGeek said I need to do some cardio exercise and he thinks I'm full with cholestrol. Bla.bla.bla. And my reply was -


I don't understand why she was so happy. I was barely catch my breath!

We spent about 1.5 hours here and ended our trip at Rabbit Park. Paid the entrance fee - RM3 Adult/Child (Age 3-12) and the Youngsters were freely roaming the park.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post #0168 - Pink is the love at first sight

Dear Earthlings, 

I did my monthly waxing and threading at my favourite place in Bangsar today. I was all happy because the threading cost me RM10 only (eye brows, upper lips and chin) (still  disbelieve)

until I reached home - 

Found that our old stove has been replaced with a new one! Couldn't be happier!

Early this month, GadgetGeek bought a replacement stove for our kitchen since the old one has gone kaput. The burner literally melt and the cooking is not fun anymore (since when I love cooking?). Anyways, GadgetGeek bought the wrong size. The new one is bigger than what we have in the kitchen. Hence, it can't fit in our cabinet.
Can't return to the shop because the duration has already lapsed. 

Our favourite came to the rescue. 

So what he did.. He sawed our cabinet. 
Yes, you heard me right. He sawed our cabinet. I think he used something like this - 

Sawed here and there, and wallah! It fits in. Perfectly.

I rest my comment when it comes to cleaning. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post #0167 - Customer -vs- TM (Unifi & Streamyx)

Dear Earthlings, 

First of all, we are one TM loyal customer.
GadgetGeek subscribed to Streamyx for more than 5 years - never fail to make payment (via auto bill payment) and starting last year we decided to subscribe Unifi
In order to subscribe Unifi, their personnel has to come over to do the installation etc. For that one, we had to wait for almost a month? or was it couple of months? can't remember.

Anyways, first we subscribed to 5Mbps. Paid deposit. 
However, during the first month the connection was not so good. Ie - Still slow. Not much difference with Streamyx. 
So we upgraded to 10Mbps. Another deposit paid. (We had to pay deposit twice)

For few months the connection went well until late November 2011, the line was disconnected. Called up the Centre (1 300 88 1221) and were surprised to know that our account have outstanding of > RM1000-00. It's like we never make any payment before. 

Lodged complaint and discovered that we've been paying to the wrong account. (They also acknowledge that we shouldn't pay the Unifi deposit twice) As far as we concerned, when you are subscribe to Unifi, your Streamyx account will be cancelled. So, if our Streamyx account is already cancelled, how can it accept any payment? How can the payment went through?
Afterall, we NEVER receive any bill statement via post/email. That explains why we paid by using the old account. After we lodged the complaint, the Unifi was reconnected. 

A month later (December 2011), the line was disconnected again. Deja Vu. Same reason. 
So GadgetGeek had to call up the Centre again. Wait for the call to be picked up. Had to explain all over again. Same story. Very frustrating. (Mind you, it is not cheap to pay for 1-300 number)

Was told that they will take about 3 months to do the investigation. Bla-bla-bla. 
The best thing was, the Personnel said that the previous Personnel who attended to our earlier complaint forgot to push the dispute button. Something like that lah. That's why the disconnection occured. Nonetheless, they said they will reconnect the line since we never miss any payment except it was paid to the wrong account.
(Gadget was this close to cancel the account and switch to IPTV Astro. (Ironically, they are cheaper too!)

2 weeks have passed, the line was still disconnected (though we paid to Unifi Account in  December '11). You know, it's unfair for us not to have 2 weeks of service yet paying for the full month of service. Tired of this, I called up TM (instead of Unifi/Streamyx). Spoke to Ms. ** from Credit Department. Explained the situation and how many complaints that we have made. 

The money paid to Streamyx account can't be refunded, hence they will transfer the amount straight to Unifi account (which we don't mind at all). That was her answer when I asked how to get back the overpaid money as I want to use it to pay the Unifi. 
To me that is one of the easiest and fastest way to reconnect our line since Unifi wants us to settle the outstanding (but keep on using excuse that Streamyx and Unifi are two different entity. So settle the Unifi account first, Streamyx later and the investigation will take 3 months). 

I believe our case is simple [Customer paid to the wrong account - Transfer the amount from Streamyx to Unifi account since it is under one roof] and it should be resolved not more than three days.
Ms. ** told me that she will take my complaint to the management and try to reconnect.

Next morning we checked that the line has been reconnected. 
And surprisingly, later that afternoon Ms ** from TM gave a courtesy call informing that they have reconnect the line :) (Thank you Ms **)
See, how small things can lift up TM image (?) despite how deep our heartache were.

We shall see how will Unifi treat us in January/February. Will the line get disconnected again?

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Post #0165 - I think I know what are you thinking

Dear Earthlings, 

Have you ever falling in love with the same person all over again?
That’s what I feel right now.
Weird I must say.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post #0164 - If I could choose again, I would still choose you

Dear Earthlings, 

A picture keeps a million memories behind it. 
I don't know why, but lately I've been flipping over and over again pictures during our mating courting season. It didn't take long for us to seal the deal, except that we took almost a year to plan out our wedding. The reason behind it, just to have a nice date - 7 July 2007, otherwise (I think) we would have married in end 2006.
Oh well, both of us love nice date(s) - which (also) the reason why Youngster #1 was born on Labour Day and Youngster #2 on National Day.  *macam-macam*

Actually, I asked for my mom's permission before we hit it off. Like, seriously. I definitely do not want to waste my (and his) time if my family against it. So, when my mom gave the green light  I was like.. wuhooooooo!!! (however, it was not easy to get my dad's permission)

He proposed during my Edinburgh trip in 2006 (was it August? or September? I cannot remember. boohoo! Must be in one of the months because the trip was from end June until end September) A spontaneous one (I guess) but deep down inside I was hoping for a "better" kind of proposal. Yeah, if he can be so creative in surprising me with a ring, why can't the proposal?? why? why? whyyyyyyy???

Though I didn't get the proposal like I wanted to.. still, no regret. I get the man that I always wanted. After all, look where we are now. 
I've been deceived, with two kids!

Taken at Tanjung, Klang (years ago)

I foresee for the next few days this page is going to fill with cheesy entries. Who cares.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post #0163 - Allow AAAs: Attention, Affection & Appreciation : Return RRRs: Respect, Reassurance & Relief.

Dear Earthlings, 

I believe everyday is a learning process. In my case, GadgetGeek never fail to surprise me with new things, like revealing another piece of his life to me. Hmm.. is this good or bad? I'm so confused. 

Well, this year is our fifth year marriage. The longest relationship that we've been in to. As far as I feel, I'm comfortable and I've been myself from day one I met him. 
To me, first rule in a relationship, you gotta be yourself. It's either you take it or leave it.  I don't know about him, but he passed through all the test I gave. If he failed, I told him to try harder - which he did!

Ironically, both of us know how crazy we can drive each other. Don't let me starts on arguments. Be it, small things to major issues. Last time it was the wedding prep issues. 

Then the schooling matter. Now, it's the house issues, never-ending idea conflicts! Lotssss of emotion involve.

So taking next level in 2007 was just a continuation of our relationship. No pressure felt, except that I need to compromise with some other things. Actually, it's more on compromising with the family. I have to know my limit and how to deal with his family, vice versa.

Along the way, we lost a couple of friends and ended up we best friends to each other.

Anyways, found this article on the net.  A lenghty reading but worth it. It's a friendly reminder for me to become a better wife and friend to him. In the end, he is all (and the Youngsters) that I have.


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post #0162 - End 2011 and Beginning of 2012

Dear Earthlings, 

We managed to sort out the kids for the New Year's Eve Dinner after the dramas and all.

The Dinner was held in Shah Alam Convention Centre and I was there for merely two hours  because later I need to rush to KL City Centre. 

Personalised Mask by Evon T -

In my  case, I specifically mentioned to Evon that I do not want any artificial flower. And she definitely gave me the best out of it :)  In a glance, it looks like a bird's head with combination of ice queen. hahhaha

I thought the traffic is going to be heavy, but ironically not! It was smooth (from Shah Alam until Jalan Tun Razak, and it was slow moving (but not bumper to bumper around KLCC area) and we managed to reach the hotel within 40 minutes drive. Unbelievable.

Separately, I checked in Impiana as we arrived just minutes before midnight while GadgetGeek celebrated his new year at Royale Chulan with his friends as he's already in KL since lunch. 

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