Sunday, January 30, 2011

Post #0018 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings,

I think the side effect of this illness has started kicking in. Lately I feel freezing, though the weather is not that cold. Hey, we are living in Malaysia.. so what do you expect? Winter?

Wearing socks plus fleece slippers are still not enough to keep me warm. On top of that, I have to wear long sleeves and robe every night. 
In the office, wrapping myself with a sweater is a must. A jacket/blazer couldn't do the trick. Not forgotten, socks to keep my feet warm. Lucky my department located next to the lift, and I always park my car near to exit because I hate people seeing me in this attire.

Like last night, BigSis mentioned that I'm getting fat and need to shred some pounds. Told her that it's the symptom and there is nothing I can do about it. Anyways, when it comes to exercise my gynae advised that any exercise can only be done 6  months post c-section so the 6th month will be expiring by this coming March. We will see how exercise can help me losing weight. 
Well, Britn.ey does at least 500-1000 sits up every day. Maybe I can do that. Hahaha

Actually I don't mind on getting more flesh, as long as it's between the bmi bracket. What concern me is the size of my tummy. It's so huge.. and people seeing it would think that I'm expecting. 
So the best way I can do is to join them and pretend that I'm expecting. Plus, avoid shops who have people distributing the pamphlet - especially the slimming centre etc. Because I feel offended each time I held the pamphlet in my hand. 

Not only that, I always carry Youngster#2 in baby carrier, so it would hide my tummy. That's why you rarely see we taking the second stroller out. 
GadgetGeek said that I'm living in denial. If that makes me happy, why not?
Moreover, the Dr advised not to have any unnecessary stress, otherwise things might turn sour. For the first 6 months, my appointment will be every month as the Dr can monitor the progress and/or pattern. So, my next appointment will be after Chinese New Year. On the second thought, I think I need to see him tomorrow. I don't feel that healthy anymore. 

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post #0015 - We do our bit, you do your bit

Dear Earthlings, 

We received a booklet of Youngster#1 & #2 - 2011 Rules and Regulation. It's kinda surprised me because I didn't expect that the School has such strict rules. For instance, no birthday celebration is allowed as blowing candles are not Islamic. (Ehemm...) However, the School welcomes parents who wish to give the children a treat and/or organise a doa selamat. Not only that, the parents are reminded to show the meaning of proper adab, like offering salam and encourage the child to thank the teachers.
Each child will have a communication book in which parents are able to record needs of the child for that day. It also allows the teachers to inform the parents the child's progress, needs and medication schedules etc. We pretty agree on the existence of Communication Book as it provides a direct and/or indirect contact between the Parents and the Teachers.

We should be getting the timetable by next week as few more things needed to be finalised. 
Briefly, the kids will have their gym class at 8.15am every day and once a week, they will have their outings at the School compounds. Every Wednesday, gymnastic class, Monday - Mandarin class as well as practise their solat in jemaah every Friday and "Show and Tell".

When it comes to evaluation, the child will be evaluated at least once to twice a year and BOTH parents are encourage to attend the evaluations sessions. Other than yearly evaluations, parents may request for additional evaluations and advise on the child's program.

Anyways, yesterday the School organised an induction course for the parents. I couldn't make it due to work, but GadgetGeek attended the session together with Youngster#1. It was a two hours session participated by the School Director and the Principal. 

According to GadgetGeek, the School Director is very passionate about the child early learning, hence implemented an American/British learning method in line with Islamic approach. The Principal also mentioned that the School plan to have swimming class, horse riding, archery and few more outdoor activities for 2011. We hope that they don't increase the fee due to these :D

The good news is, Youngster#1 found a new friend. The girl, named Lil N is a mix of Malay-Arab. GadgetGeek told me that Youngster#1 looked very happy and enjoyed herself playing with Lil N. We'll see how it goes this Monday.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post #0014 - Previous, Terrible Two. Now, Tantrum Three

Dear Earthlings, 

Lately Youngster#1 is not being herself. Not being herself in the sense that she’s picking up bad habits and drives us nuts!
For the past few days, she started to scream, cry for no reason, didn't talk much, throw her tantrum just about anywhere and/or anything. GadgetGeek was wondering whether I picked up wrong kid from the school, because Youngster#1 never acted this way before. And we were like not even know her at all. 

Tired of this, we started to identify the root cause.
Few issues has been listed, such as –
  • Whether the arrival of Youngster#2 has caused her acting that way? 
  • What happened at school that we don’t know 
  • Whether we not spend enough time with her
and the list goes on. We also did some reading and ask people around us. We also has addressed this matter to the school, and the school promise to closely monitor her.

Ironically, it is not about the arrival Youngster#2 nor our fault. 
It's because something has happened at her school.

Well, we enrolled her at this one integrated Islamic school in Klang Valley. Previously she was all excited to go to school and never give us any drama. Easy to wake up early in the morning (because I'm the chauffeur) and very helpful etc.

Then when the new semester starts (January, 2011) she began to change. For all we know, we still spend quality time with her and didn't change our treatment towards her since Youngster#2 was born. 
When I discussed the matter with the Principal, she told me that Youngster#1 is also not responding to the activities, idling, cries a lot and so on. Then, we believe that the reason she acted that way because she has lost her bestfriend. Apparently, her bestfriend (Lil H) who is a year older has registered the pre-school. Though the pre-school is located next to the playschool building, they don't see each other because it is a confine area. Unfortunately, there are some other kids who are in the same boat with Youngster#1. 

No wonder Youngster#1 keeps on crying and told me that she wants to return to her previous nursery. Pity her. She must be lonely at school. 
The school said that it will take time and they have continuously keep on organising activities that involves mingling. We hope she can get through this soonest possible.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Post #0013 - The road to recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

I don’t know whether to look it at the bright side or not.
Well, it started when me and GadgetGeek underwent medical check up for our Residence facility insurance application.  If anything happen between 3-5 years from now, the Takaful insurance will cover our facility 100%.  

We went for medical check up at the bank’s panel clinic sometime in mid December last year. GadgetGeek passed the check up, however I didn’t make it. There was something wrong with my blood count etc. Disappointed with the result, I went for second opinion.. merely because the result was contradicting from the last I got in early November.  Plus I was a little bit reluctant to pay the medical check up penalty since I failed the test. FYI, the penalty is more than RM Three Thousand, you know. Isn’t it expensive?

So yesterday I went to Ta.wakal since it’s located behind my office. Got to see the Physician & Rheumatologist and run few tests.  The preliminary and physical test was done at the clinic, while  blood and ultrasound test were done at the lab.  
After I completed the tests, I returned to the office and came back to the hospital about 5 hours later.
 The blood count and the ultrasound test proved that it is a confirmed and positive case. There is a little bit of swelling, a mild one, and the doctor told me that the swelling is still new. Average about 1-2 months old. 

As mentioned by Dr. S, to treat it as a good news because of the early detection. Hence can do drug intake. The bad news is, I’m on medication for the rest of my life : ( If things got worse, then surgery is needed.. which I hope not!
For a start he gave me 50micrograms dose. According to him, if it is untreated, the person will only have about 3-5 years to live because it is a silent death. The moment you know, you will passed out, comma and tata.

GadgetGeek is in opinion that my work stress triggered it of, for the reason that it occurs the moment I started working. Well, the truth is.. it is not because of the lifestyle nor food. Mainly because it runs in the family.
I guess there is nothing much I can do about it?? No matter how particular I take care of my health etc, the chances are still high, right?

The side effect of this I will lose my appetite, but will gain weight rapidly, freezing most of the time, sleepy, exhausted, forgetful and some other things that are not so pleasant to hear. Hopefully the drugs will balance it out.
No wonder I feel so exhausted lately. Every night, I go to bed by 8.30pm or 9pm the latest. I thought it was due to my hectic schedule - got up at 6, rush here and there etc.

Anyways, today I went to Amp.ang Put.ri and managed to get myself protected. Took Rubella shot as well as pap smear for the cervical cancer etc. The result will be out in next 7 days. According to my Gynae – Dr. M, there is a tendency of miscarriage if I get pregnant due to this illness. Hence, the pregnancy has to be closely monitored.  

To me, I’m still disbelieve.  

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post #0012 - Crazy Love

Dear Earthlings, 

Like always, when it comes to movie, I make sure I watch the previous one(s) (again, in short gap) before watching the sequel. Then the said sequel will be more entertaining to watch. Same goes to concert thingy. Before I do big purchase, I need to do some homework.

Anyways, previously I told that I really-really-really want to go to Buble's concert, right? 
And after listening to his records, namely his debut album - Micheal Buble, It's Time, Call me Irresponsible, and Crazy Love, I realised I just love few of his tracks especially Everything, Come Fly With Me, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Haven't Met you Yet. 
Can you believe it? Out of thirty plus songs that he has, I only like these songs? That's not even a quarter to begin with!

So, is it worth it for me to go?
I guess not!
Hahaha.. I think this is what "Lean Management" do to me. Eliminating the waste.

Now I have solid ground NOT to go to his concert. Free ticket is a different story.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post #0011 - Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Earthlings,

I knew it. This is what happened when I have my own money. I tend to spend.spend.spend and spend. If I can't go to the mall, then online shopping it is. Like last week, I purchased a winter coat via online, which I don't know when I will get to wear it. Isn't it an impulsive buy? I hate it when this happens. Ironically, I also spent more than half a thousand for scarfs. Yet, I keep on wearing the same and favourite scarfs only. Damn. Damn. Such a waste.
Sadly, I have to keep it away from GadgetGeek. He'll freak out if he hears this.

Let alone in buying stuff for Youngster #1 and #2. Every week they'll get new toys and/or new clothes or just about anything. Previously we agreed on not spoiling them, and now.. things are not looking the way we wanted. Maybe this is just one of the way(s) to redeem myself from guilt? As we leave them at the nursery for almost 11 hours on weekdays.

Looking at the other side of the story, I finally got a chance to give my-first-pay pressie to GadgetGeek. It is definitely a practical one, and can be used for his Abu Dhabi trip in next two weeks. Yeay. Okay fine. I think one of the reasons is because I accidentally lost my credit card when I was at one of the stores in 1Utama today.

The story goes like this. 
When I was making a purchase of ehemmm, I asked GadgetGeek to collect my credit card from the cashier counter as I need to feed Youngster #2. After he collected it, he handed over to me when I was busy picking and selecting few t.shirts because he wanted to go to another store. 

However, I didn't put it straight away in my bag but held it in my hand instead. When I was about to pay the items, I rang him asking where's my credit card. He told me that he already handed to me. At that moment, I knew it.. The card has gone and I couldn't find it anywhere.

After 10 minutes searching for the card, I gave up and asked GadgetGeek to ring the CallCentre to make the cancellation. Seriously, when you have credit limit of thirty thousand, how can you not be terrified?! 5 years knowing GadgetGeek, this is the first time I saw his upset face. 
The cancellation/reporting a missing card is not that easy. There are many more procedures to follow, like making police report, insurance etc.

Nevertheless, my hunch says to ask the store manager, just in case anyone has found my card. I walked straight to the cashier counter and wallahhhh.. someone has returned the card to him and he was just about to call the bank. Close call isn't it?

Since I was guilty as charged, I need to buy something for him. Just to ease my guilt  
Don't ask me why I've been so clumsy nowadays. 

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